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At Tribe Village, we're giving you the power to influence the products and services of the future. Your opinions are valuable to us, and that's why we give you rewards in exchange for completing surveys, discussions and other fun projects. Express your views not only through our surveys, but take part in our discussion forums and quick polls where you'll have the chance to interact with other Tribe members and earn points while doing so. Join the Tribe now, or if you're already a member, log in by clicking here!


Our Community

Our Tribe allows you to have your say in a number of ways. You will receive regular invitations to take part in paid surveys covering a range of issues that matter to you. For every survey you complete, you'll earn rewards and the more surveys you take, the more rewards you will be able to collect. Join other members in discussing topics that are relevant to you in our topical discussion forums, and take part in our regular quick polls where you can see the result of your participation in the results section.


Your Feedback

See how your opinions are turned into valuable insight by going to our results page. We will update you on how your views have been of influence, and you can compare what you had to say with other members of the Tribe. Keep a look out for new results by clicking here.

Please note we use your information to identify relevant surveys for you and to help with our research analysis.  Please see the full privacy policy for further information.

Don’t forget, the Tribe Chiefs are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.